Goldini Bagwell



Goldini Bagwell is an international man of mystery but he might share some of his secrets if you are polite enough to put his Angels Bathwater™ on your tab. His first splash as a solo artist was in 2011 with Chainsmoke; an introductory LP that resonated with audiences all over the world thanks to Goldini’s carefully constructed narratives and producer Pmpee Beat’s intricate sound. Since then, he has logged countless hours on the road with back to back European tours alongside his Sandpeople crew, as well as stateside tours with Grayskul, Dark Time Sunshine, Myke Bogan and more.  In 2014, Goldini released Secondhand Smoke - a two-part project consisting of the free X-Ray EP and the Extended CutBoth were produced by Lahti, Finland-based Pmpee Beats and are available now.

Dedicated to the grind, Goldini Bagwell  spent 2015 releasing a free single every month.  The finished series will take the form of an album in early 2016. In the meantime, check out the December/final installment in the #SmokersJacket series, “Classicool Pt. II” (prod. by Wool See) below: