Illmac & Goldini Bagwell



Northwest hip hop heavyweights Illmac and Goldini Bagwell have been creating music together for roughly a decade as members of Portland’s renowned Sandpeople crew. Now they’re combining forces as a duo with their brand new Ethereal LP. Boasting production from Smoke M2D6 of Oldominion and additional vocals from singer/songwriter Little Warrior, Ethereal covers a vast stretch of musical and conceptual ground within its 11 tracks. “Collard Greens” finds the two emcees reflecting on the wear and tear of their daily grind with a soulful, laid-back vibe. The mood darkens on the emotionally charged “Unbreakable” – a song about moving forward after painful experiences with a determined-to-heal resolve. Though both rappers are able to hold their own in the punchline and battle rap arena, much of the album focuses on matters of the heart.

The pair work and build off of each other’s lyrics in a way that most other duos can’t. While Illmac has been dubbed one of the best battle rappers of his time due to his rise through the Grind Time & King Of The Dot ranks, Goldini has been garnering his own accolades through recent releases like the well received Smoker’s Jacket single series, as well as touring throughout the country. Combined these guys have more time on the mic than most rappers will see in a lifetime. Their polished expertise shines over Smoke M2D6’s production for an experience that is rightfully described as Ethereal.

Grab the Ethereal album here.