Formerly Clockwerk with an “E” (Don’t forget the “E!”), McJameson consists of IAME and Goldini Bagwell, along with phantom members DJ Spark, Taco Neck, and THNDRTHF.  Put your ear to a bottle of the Good Sir™ and wait for it..

After years of musical Strug Life™, IAME & Gold decided to retire the name Clockwerk and reinvigorate their collaborative effort with a new and improved brand.  McJameson was inspired by the two emcees’ last names and their mutual respect for a certain Irish whiskey.  They unveiled the new project in 2011 on “Introducing McJameson” from IAME’s album, Lame.  McJameson are currently working on their debut album.  We at Heaven Noise promise it will be worth the wait!