Wool See



With his heady Northwest sound, Oldominion/Sandpeople cohort IAME has established himself as a prolific solo artist and one of the region’s best kept secrets. Most recently, he has been branching out with his indie-rap band Wool See, in which he handles all of the writing, production, and vocals. Wool See was introduced in December of 2014 via the Winter Worn EP. Less than a year later, they had 4 releases in their catalogue (one for each season of the year).

The Wool Seasons set culminated with LifeAlert, a deeply personal LP that showcases IAME’s ever-evolving sonic range. A broken healthcare system and greed-fueled economy are skewered over the industrial clang of “Manufracture” while the glitched out piano loop, frenetic high hats and growling bassline of “Departures” set the tone the for lyrics about death and mourning – a prevalent theme throughout the album.

Wool See closed 2016 by remixing Lil Yachty’s “Minnesota” into the unconventional protest song “Cold Like North Dakota,” touching on the NoDAPL protests, police brutality, Flint, MI water crisis and more.

In September of 2017, they announced their 4th full-length album Leaving / Left. The title was inspired by lead emcee & producer IAME’s recent cross country move from Portland, Oregon to a rural area in Northeastern Vermont. The album was accompanied by the limited edition Left / Over bonus EP.

Ewe Gross is Wool See’s newest LP, released October 12th, 2018. The project is an innovative blend of trunk-rattling instrumental hip hop and the type of personal, witty rap musings that have been IAME’s signature for over a decade. With Ewe Gross, Wool See communicates primarily through knocking, boisterous beats that only sometimes leave space for words but always manage to get their point across.

Notable Achievements:

- Reached #3 on the CMJ hip hop charts with I Am My Enemy.
- Has shared stages with Wu-Tang Clan, E-40, Lyrics Born, Guru (Gangstarr), Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Jedi Mind Tricks, Fatlip, & Boot Camp Clik.
- Has toured nationally with Grayskul (Rhymesayers), Awol One and the Shape Shifters, & Luckyiam of Living Legends.
- Extensive catalogue featuring collaborations with Macklemore, Liv Warfield, The Grouch, & Sean Price.