Never Been – “Whatever’s In The Way”

What happens when you visit Bellingham, Washington and find producer IG88 cooking up soulful, moody beats to accompany the smooth harmonies and rugged rhymes of a local legend known as Jesus Chris Willis?   You don’t know because you’ve never been.   Just like you don’t know if there is an actual Jesus in actual Heaven – because you’ve never been.  You either have faith or you don’t.

Jesus Chris & IG88 have teamed up under the alias Never Been and we have plenty of evidence that they really exist.  They don’t possess any godly powers but they do make dope music and if they could turn water to wine they would totally get you drunk for free.

Since we are generous and eager to provide you with some new music, you won’t have to wait long or pay anything to hear their brand new album, Fever – it will be available for free download this Sunday (January, 27th).

Check out the first single from the album below:

“Whatever’s In The Way” (free stream/download)