Wool See – “Everything Goes Dark” (Video)

Imaginary rap band Wool See returns with a brand new video for “Everything Goes Dark” from their newly released Leaving / Left LP. The album’s title and much of its themes were inspired by front-man IAME’s recent cross-country move from Portland, Oregon to a rural area in Northeastern Vermont.
“Everything Goes Dark” closes the album and breaks new conceptual ground, focusing on the shadowy forces and evil intentions that can perpetually damage one’s psyche. Wool See teamed up with Vermont-based production company Pivot Media to help bring the song to screen. In the video, a reoccurring chase by an ominous, unidentified threat embodies the ongoing battle against forces that are unseen yet strangely familiar. Watch the video below and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for all the latest Heaven Noise visuals. Pick up Leaving / Left and the Left / Over bonus EP here.