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Damn That Noise: LifeAlert Album Review

Living in the Pacific Northwest you come across a wide range of artists who create some dope music. Some are well known and have a steady following, others should have a broader recognition in the scene but for some odd reason they don’t, and its not lack of talent or hustle that’s stopping them. The indie music scene is packed with new artists demanding our attention all the time, and incredibly gifted folks like the Ol’Dominion/Sandpeople MC & Producer IAME (aka Wool See) get missed out on sometimes. In the last year of 2015 he released 4 full projects under the Wool See identity that he not only handled lyrics on, but he also produced every single track!

Life Alert was his last offering in the end of December to close out his year long goal of tackling the seasons in each release. Life Alert see’s Wool See in his Obi Wan Jedi Master form in every aspect of the album. Take the heavy “Manufracture” and its topic of foreign chemicals in food and medications and how it’s killing us slowly, or the dark tones of “Volatile” that find Wool See addressing his frustrations with how aggressive and dangerous our world is, especially for those financially vulnerable.

It’s hard enough releasing one to two solid projects in a twelve month cycle as just a producer or just an MC (let alone take on doing 4 fully self produced and written albums), but Wool See/IAME can confidently say not only did he do it but he killed it every outing. Life Alert might be his opus not only in the series but in his discography. There’s something so complete about the record from front to back, with the production laying the perfect canvas for him to paint these dense, reflective and socially thoughtful lyrics on. Wool See over the last 3 years has climbed his way from being just a dope MC from Portland (in my mind) to being one of the best Producer/MC’s in the Northwest. Don’t sleep.

Rating: 9/10