All Your Friend’s Friends (Compilation)

Album Overview

All Your Friend’s Friends is a seminal Northwest Hip-Hop compilation album produced entirely off of samples pulled from the K Records catalogue. Featuring over 30 of the most unique MCs from the region including members of mega-crews OLDOMINION and the SANDPEOPLE, the album also introduces a host of hidden talent from OLYMPIA, WA — K’s sonic stomping ground.

This decades-spanning compilation is a creative celebration of the Northwest sound and scene in some of its most striking masks and manifestations. The energy of the album moves fluidly between dark, angsty, and self-reflective to upbeat, nostalgic, and carefree, taking the listener on an underground rap odyssey through the overcast streets, anarchist basements, cramped performance spaces, and stoned-out suburbs of this moody and musical part of the world.Through kaleidoscopic counter-cultural mashups and top-secret sampling styles, producer Smoke M2D6 has mercilessly deconstructed the classic lo-fi garage soul sound of the iconic indy label, artfully rearranging it all over a thick foundation of classic breaks, 808’s, and of course some heavy bass, allowing old heads to hear this music in a totally different way, while introducing a new generation of fans to a classic treasure trove of northwest creative history.

ALL YOUR FRIEND’S FRIENDS is sample-based Hip-Hop culture at its best — taking something dope from the past and making something fresh for the future.

Physical CD available on K Records.


  • 1Cynic Syndrome
  • 2Real Life Game
  • 3Evolve Away
  • 4Good Bad Girl
  • 5Find Your Shine
  • 6Where The Free People Go
  • 7Trial By Water
  • 8Pizza Chef
  • 93D Monocle
  • 10My Shady Gangster Uncle Kaiser
  • 11Dancefloor On The Warpath
  • 12Nothing Grows In A Flood
  • 13Work Is The Principle
  • 14BlackFist BrokenFont
  • 15We Never Look Up
  • 16Simplify Complex
  • 17Ashen Embers
  • 18Jumpkick The Legs
  • 19Welcome To Forever

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