Ewe Gross

Album Overview

Wool See isn’t back because they never left. The elusive rap band has just been creepily lurking in the shadows and auditioning new members on the dark web where the only question that gets asked is “you got that fire?” (the answers are almost always terrible).

Their latest venture is an innovative blend of trunk-rattling instrumental hip hop and the type of personal, witty rap musings that have been lead emcee and producer IAME’s signature for over a decade. With Ewe Gross, Wool See communicates primarily through knocking, boisterous beats that only sometimes leave space for words but always manage to get their point across.

  • 1Issa Bleat Tape Mostly
  • 2Babel Baboon
  • 3Gamma Wraith
  • 4Chucky Stabs
  • 5Thorium
  • 6Golden (Hemorrh)age
  • 7Park Street
  • 8Ancestry Dot Com
  • 9Fleeting Moment Of Optimism
  • 10Moods
  • 11Bob Breathing
  • 12Xantics
  • 13Vladamirror
  • 14Late Breaks