Album Overview

Jesus Chris Willis and IG88 are Never Been.  The emcee/producer duo hail from Bellingham, Washington and while their sound embodies the cloudy atmosphere of the Northwest, it’s too large to be confined to any one region.  Their new album Fever is ten tracks of moody soul, blunted romance, and late on the rent funk.

IG88 handles the production and seamlessly blends elements of classic hip hop and experimental r&b with his signature lush electronica.  His diverse soundscapes are the perfect match for Jesus Chris Willis’ layered harmonies and acrobatic rhymes.  As an emcee with some singing chops, Jesus Chris is a unique case; you can hear a wide array of influences in his style but he molds them all into something completely new and personal.

This is music for dreamers, lovers, wanderers, and habitual altitude-climbers.  Sit back, let something burn, and let Fever take you someplace you’ve never been.

  • 1Whatever's In The Way
  • 2Lied To A Friend
  • 3Look What I've Found ft. IAME
  • 4Drunk Jesus (Interlude)
  • 5Fever
  • 6Notwithstanding
  • 7Speak No Evil (IG88 Remix)
  • 8Slow Burn
  • 9I See You
  • 10Filthy Towel