Honest Racket

Album Overview

Honest Racket  boasts 16 tracks and acts as further proof that the Sandpeople crew is constantly moving forward. Production is handled entirely in-house by Sapient and Simple, as they craft a unique and cohesive sound from start to finish. The MCs attack each beat with their signature style and amazingly the outcome is an album that feels like it was made by a tight knit group, rather than such a large crew. Included on this breakthrough effort are features from two of hip-hop’s finest – The Grouch (Living Legends / Zion I & The Grouch) and Sean Price (Boot Camp Clik / Heltah Skeltah).

To the untrained eye, the Sandpeople may appear to be a confusing mass of hungry emcee’s full of passion and low on serotonin. To the trained eye, this is a certainty. In the cloudy and gray corner of the country not known for its bountiful supply of physical sand, an inappropriately named force is emerging. Concerned first with making quality music that is relevant to real everyday life, Sandpeople are sure to connect with listeners where other artists most commonly fail to. As their name and inventory continues to expand, this will undoubtedly be looked back upon as the crew’s humble beginnings.

  • 1The Count
  • 2Industrial Grade
  • 3Real Estate feat. The Grouch
  • 4Sandman
  • 5Lose It
  • 6Group Home
  • 7I Don't Care
  • 8Not Alright
  • 9All In Your Head feat. Sean Price
  • 10Air We Breathe
  • 11Any Given Sunday
  • 12Forget It
  • 13Just A Name
  • 14It's True
  • 15Leave It Alone
  • 16Synthetique Princess

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