I Am My Enemy

Album Overview

With a combination of introspective lyrics and a raw, but technically refined style, IAME is keeping Portland known for it’s production of heavy hitters. He’s spent the last five years building an international fan base and a strong West Coast following by touring non-stop and being featured on many records. In 2009 he took things a step further by starting his own independent label, Heaven Noise Recordings.
As a longtime member of two crews that have been making a lot of noise in the Northwest’s hip hop and indie scenes over the last several years, IAME has shown that not only can he share the spotlight, but that he can also shine on his own as a solo artist. With the release of multiple group and solo projects dropping regularly, IAME’s name and reputation for quality music has grown steadily every year.
I Am My Enemy is officially IAME’s second full length album but in many ways is a formal introduction. The album is produced entirely by Sapient (of Sandpeople/Debaser) and features collaborations with members of Oldominion and Sandpeople, including 2 time World Rap Champion and Scribble Jam ’04 winner Illmaculate (Sandpeople), and Grayskul (Oldominion/Rhymesayers Ent.)

  • 1I Am My Enemy
  • 2Shows Over Now
  • 3Maybe I'm High (feat. Onlyone, Xperience & Sapient)
  • 4Heaven Metal
  • 5Unlikely Candidate
  • 6My Own Terms
  • 7What Else Could I Say? (feat. Illmaculate & Sapient)
  • 8No Cure
  • 9Caution (feat. Sapient)
  • 10Cancer Song (Pleasure To Burn Interlude)
  • 11Promise
  • 12Tight (feat. Clockwerk & Grayskul)
  • 13Settle The Score
  • 14Freedom Is...

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