Album Overview

Lame$tream is post-swag music for a new day and a new wrong. Produced by Smoke M2D6, this album will make apocalyptic ruins out of dance floors, subwoofers, and all that we hold dear within our popular urban culture. Guests include Sapient, N8 the Gr8 (The CUF), Onry Ozzborn (Grayskul, Dark Time Sunshine), Candidt, Toni Hill, Poeina Suddarth, and DJ Spark of Sandpeople.

  • 1Immersion
  • 2Lowlabye
  • 3Yeah Huh feat. Smoke M2D6
  • 4All You’re Left With feat. Onry Ozzborn & Candidt
  • 5Lame$tream
  • 6Ambien
  • 7Amp Bpm
  • 8Square
  • 9Malnourish feat. Toni Hill
  • 10April (No Thaw) feat. Poeina Suddarth
  • 11The Game & Its Credits feat. Toni Hill
  • 12Swaggupy feat. Young Coconut
  • 13They No feat. Toni Hill
  • 14We All Win feat. Sapient & N8 The Gr8
  • 15Rack Monster feat. Smoke M2D6
  • 16Bell Toll feat. DJ Spark
  • 17Cleanup Crew

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