Album Overview

LIGHTFIGHTER is a collection of previously unreleased songs and instrumentals from around 2006, featuring Reva Devito, DJ Delay, and production by IAME, SmokeM2D6, Sapient, $imple, and Zebulon Dak. LIGHTFIGHTER is 16 tracks of quality music and is FREE for your listening pleasure. Don’t sleep and download this album now!

  • 1LIGHTFIGHTER Intro (Produced by Zebulon Dak)
  • 2Demons Behind the Music (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
  • 3Here to Stay (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
  • 4Robo Sheen Instrumental (Produced by IAME)
  • 5Very Hip Hop feat. Reva Devito & DJ Delay (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
  • 6They Don’t Care (Produced by Sapient)
  • 7Spinal Tat Instrumental (Produced by $imple)
  • 8Momentary Forever (Produced by IAME)
  • 9Flood of Random (Produced by IAME & $imple)
  • 10Call the Handyman Instrumental (Produced by $imple)
  • 11The Memo (Produced by IAME)
  • 12Let’s Go Out (Produced by IAME & Zebulon Dak)
  • 13Desperate Times Instrumental (Produced by IAME)
  • 14Donation Basket (Produced by IAME)
  • 15True Story (Produced by SmokeM2D6)
  • 16Speed of Light Instrumental (Produced by $imple)

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