Long Story, Short… (EP)

Album Overview

Sandpeople’s Long Story, Short… is an ironclad project that walks the fine line of being both accessible and impressive, while ensuring the emcee’s talents and numbers are on full display. With concepts ranging from the struggles of being self-funded (“Money is on Their Minds”) to overcoming the adversity of a hypercompetitive indie hip-hop scene (“Hate Aside”), Sandpeople manage to carve their diverse personalities into the inherently brief EP format. From boasting a fierce introduction of back-to-back verses on the lead track “Strands”, to its conclusion with Sapient’s dark and demented ballad “The Dapper Mob”, Long Story, Short… is a well-rounded offering from this rapidly emerging crew.

  • 1Strands
  • 2Hate Aside
  • 3Oh My God
  • 4Beyond Us
  • 5Control Panel
  • 6Money Is On Their Minds
  • 7Goodbye World
  • 8Left
  • 9The Dapper Mob

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