Album Overview

Triceracorn is IG88 (beats) & Beige (raps). They reside in Seattle, WA.  They don’t like long bios.

Their new album Porcelain features Open Mike Eagle, IAME, Goldini Bagwell and more.

  • 1Porcelain
  • 2Calibrate The Compass
  • 3Black Water
  • 4Strings Break (feat Jenni Potts)
  • 5Surface (feat Goldini Bagwell)
  • 6Glass Castle
  • 7Broken Switches
  • 8Love Unravels (feat Open Mike Eagle)
  • 9Changing Elevation (feat IAME)
  • 10Light Reading
  • 11Jesus Chris - Anyways (Triceracorn Remix)
  • 12Eye Contact (feat DJAO)

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