Secondhand Smoke (X-Ray EP)

Album Overview

Goldini Bagwell was already a seasoned emcee with a long history of standout verses and tracks by the time he released Chainsmokehis highly acclaimed but criminally slept-on solo debut.  The album resonated with audiences all over the world thanks to Goldini’s carefully constructed narratives and producer Pmpee Beat’s intricate backdrops.

Goldini has teamed up with the Lahti, Finland-based producer once again on Secondhand Smoke - a two-part album consisting of the free X-Ray EP (available now) and the Extended Cut which will be in stores of the mostly internet variety later this year.

Secondhand Smoke (X-Ray EP) is a FREE, 7-song EP featuring Illmaculate, Al-One, Sleep, Serge Severe, IAME, DJ Spark, and DJ Delay.  Produced entirely by Pmpee Beats.

  • 1Secondhand Smoke (feat. DJ Delay)
  • 2Said Before
  • 3Nomtalmbout (feat. Al-One, DJ Spark & Illmaculate)
  • 4Vanglorious (feat. Serge Severe, DJ Spark & Sleep)
  • 5FOH (feat. IAME)
  • 6Time Is Now
  • 7HvnN3rdPerson (feat. DJ Spark)

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