Album Overview

Exclusive rerelease of the self-titled, debut album from Seattle/Bellingham based duo Triceracorn.   This Heaven Noise Recordings version features some reworked songs, some brand new songs, new artwork, and extra blood, sweat and tears – an all around upgrade.  If this is your first introduction to Triceracorn, welcome.  If you have experienced the previous version of the album, please enjoy this new take on it.

Triceracorn is Beige (raps) and IG88 (beats).  All mixing & mastering by IG88.  Artwork by Chance Random.

In order to better acquaint you with Triceracorn and further demonstrate our appreciation of your interest and support, Heaven Noise Recordings is giving away this album for free.  Please download and spread the good word!


  • 1Ultraviolet Morning
  • 2Meditation (feat Jesus Chris)
  • 3Wait For Me (feat Jesus Chris)
  • 4Metallic Soul
  • 5Intro To Invisible And Unseen
  • 6Frog Prince (Interlude)
  • 7Tundra (feat Mike Harris)

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