We Our Environment

Album Overview

Heaven Noise Recordings is proud to present We Our Environment - the debut album from emcee/producer duo DopeThought and Worth!  Download for free or name your price if you would like to support!

Although Salt Lake City’s DopeThought is barely old enough to legally buy the watered down beer his state forces upon its residents, the 21 year old emcee has already established himself as a powerful force in Utah’s growing hip hop scene. True to his name, DopeThought is never short on substance; he projects positivity and stoned swag combined with a gritty, street-art aesthetic. Whether he’s holding a mic, sharpie, paint can, or blunt, DopeThought is no stranger to getting “up” in any sense of the word.
Also hailing from Salt Lake is Worth – a producer who has been gaining notoriety in his region thanks to his strong work ethic and unique sound. Worth’s beats combine haunting samples and dissonant chords with hard-hitting drums and a timeless style.
DopeThought and Worth have been working together since they met in 2009. Sharing similar goals and tastes, they strive to make original sounding, quality hip hop that has a positive impact on the world around them. We Our Environment perfectly introduces both artists and showcases their unique chemistry.

  • 1Think See Act
  • 2Make Mind
  • 3Bread In Me
  • 4Hope All Is Well
  • 5Faith ft. Morris Bars & Alex Hampton
  • 6Reality
  • 7Forgot Yourself
  • 8Have You Figured It Out Yet?
  • 9Only Human
  • 10Have They Heard ft. Nick Mac
  • 11I Just Want Freedom
  • 12Today
  • 13Change The World ft. Optamystical
  • 14Can't Believe They Even Doubt
  • 15Take It All In
  • 16Why Are You Still Sitting There?
  • 17Making Work Love ft. IAME