Winter Worn EP

Album Overview

Wool See was born in 2014.. it is one of the most depressed yet amazingly communicative infants you will ever encounter. Speaking of incredible babies, sweet baby Jesus’ month seemed like the perfect time to break the ice and introduce this cold world to Wool See’s slow burn. While the musical idea is young, the Portland rapper/producer-from-some-crews-you-should-know behind it is aging and has some things to bitch about. Thankfully, he has maintained a small amount of holiday cheer but the CIA is attempting to torture it out of him as we speak. The brief Winter Worn EP is a timely introduction to a name you should remember, even if only in your sleeping subconscious.

  • 1Christmas Card
  • 2Sun Transitions
  • 3WB2014
  • 4Xmas In Gotham