Wool See – Cold Like North Dakota (Single)

Album Overview

Wool See flips Lil Yachty’s “Minnesota” into a song about Standing Rock, Flint & more. Watch the video below or stream now on Soundcloud, Spotify, Tidal, or Apple Music.

Written, produced & mixed by Wool See. Mastered by Zebulon Dak. Photography by Spencer Keeton Cunningham.


Cuz it gets cold like North Dakota, cold like North Dakota
It gets cold like North Dakota, cold like North Dakota
Those pigs don’t come in peace, we see their wrath unleashed
Corporate ties on fleek, they havoc wreaking savage beasts
(repeat x3)

What’s sacred land vs prophets planned?
Water is life but some are not a fan
below freezing, they bust out a water cannon
get hosed (hoes) down like Snoop Dogg was saying
They even sick dogs on you, it’s sick
In Flint it’s still toxic, shit we gotta fix
Plus with fracking, can’t trust the tap
Crude leaking everyday, can’t just adapt
Ducks ain’t flapping – what’s up with that?
Bees are dying, fish stuffed with plastic
I sound a little high, yea I’m fucking blasted
How do you deal? How do you just look past it?
It’ll kill you either way, might as well take a stand
from the camps at Standing Rock to Michigan
Black Lives Matter hit the streets again
Cuz pigs stay with an itch to end ‘em
I stay with a fist in my head up, resisting temp-tation
to twist and bend my integrity but it’s not enough
I’m fighting in the lab where it’s just pretend
who’s listening?
This ain’t a platform to make a difference if you ain’t on my soundcloud fam
If you ain’t streaming me with your spotify subscription, you really missing out now fam
Missing out on this message, missing out on this art
Art stays missing out on this business,
Shit stays messy out on these missions
What I’m really trying to pay is,
honor to the Natives
But when you really break it down, man it’s so fucking tasteless
this land, like this music, was stole by caucasians
This ain’t white guilt, I don’t feel guilty
Look at this world and start to feel filthy
I care, but always comparing myself to you over-sharers might for real kill me
Won’t go out guns blazing, just bowl-smoking
love to those lost in the Ghost Ship in Oakland
This ain’t fake news, this ain’t trump’s America
Just another terror-filled day, something regular

But It’s okay, everythings fine if you just stay asleep
Inside a cryogenic chamber freezing
To say the least man, I’m numb to it
Wake me up when they done with it,
Bet I’ll want to go under again ,
Once I’ve seen what they’ve done to it
But it’s all good, I’ll just take a nice nap
On a bed of polar ice caps, while I still can…
( it’s melting )
shit gets cold like North Dakota, so that must mean it’s all a hoax,
there’s no such thing as warming global.

It’s that backwards thinking..
something we need to get past,
Stop looking behind us where all we see is implants
Dead ass – girl your cheeks look surgically enhanced
I just hope you ain’t fattening your head last
I prefer Lil Yachty’s red braids to those fucking red hats
I prefer hearing mumble rap, to hearing pundits blabber
You don’t got the answers, Sway
Might sway some sheep but that shit doesn’t matter
Just means their bubble latched onto another and somehow remained intact.
What we really need is immediate needle prick
Veto the feeblest thinkers believing this
BS they feeding us, don’t deepthroat the TV set
Or screen that you sleeping with.. in sheets with the freakiest,
demented demon shit.. How evil is it?
We lying with our own media, see it yet?
Ingredients for a mind fuck, might shut down
Real quick on some fetal position, Reel it in
I’m three secs from tripping, anxiety got me on the ledge and tipping over,
I need special meds for these social meedz,
Cast my social net in a ferocious sea,
A voracious feed, deadliest catch
Click bait, now we Special of the Day, fresh snapper
Shipwreck, sinking fast, no treasure map
Gone w/ Atlantis, What connects also dismantles.
like Alanis I mean.. isn’t it ironic, don’t you think?