Woolloween, Vol. 1

Album Overview

For the 2019 halloween season, Wool See took some horror movies and incorporated them into new compositions (mostly instrumental with the exception of “Red’s Revenge”). These were originally released as a video series but now you can download or stream the standalone audio tracks as well. The songs and their corresponding videos all feature a live performance aspect, from the live sample triggering on “TerriFIRE,” to the live sequencing and performance effects on “Mids” or the one-take verse delivered on “Red’s Revenge.” The movies flipped in this series were (in order of track):

1. Terrifier (2016)
2. Midsommar (2019)
3. Mandy (2018)

Click here to watch the live-performance video series.

  • 1TerriFIRE
  • 2Mids
  • 3Red's Revenge